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Anime Art|ACG Fan Art Illustration Selection Page


Last update:10th May 2005
Anime Art|CG Fan Art Keywords:

RO, Ragnarok Online, Rockman Zero, Fairy Leviathan ,Saga Frontier

RO Fan Fiction | Agrias Oaks & Dark Lord
Agrias , Dark Lord and God-Poing | Ragnarok Online

My RO Fan Fiction - Ultima Kiss Me Sunlights(Chinese only) illustration. This picture shows Agrias, Dark Lord and God-Poing. Actually this God-Poing costume is copying Kingdom Heart's.

Last update:5th Oct. 05
Super Robot War OG2
Rin & Irum | Super Robot War OG
The adult partners / lovers in this game. Both of them come from 4th SRW which is an really old game...

I like Irum in this game. But his lover... she is quite hard to use. Her status build so SLOW. I never can't strike black hole cannon in the final stage.
Last update:4th Oct.05
Everybody is gay for Bridget
A Japanese manga character. Same property as GG Bridget... everybody is gay for bridget
Last update:24.07.09
RO Female Swordman
Angelus | Ragnarok Online
A female swordman. She was my partner at the beta testing game...
Last update:10.05.05
Cyber Formula road to the infinity
Cyber Formula road to the infinity
This is a junk racing game released at PS2... I heard that company is gone. There would no 5th series for this junk game. You won't get fun if you aren't a fan of Cyber Formula...
First ver.:27.01.05
Last update:07.05.13
Rockman X:Iris
Viola | Rockman Fan Fiction Brand New Mermaid Chinese
Viola is a copy reploid of Iris (Rockman X4). But she can fight by herself in my fan fiction. Her equipment is similar to Temjin (Virtual On). A rifle combine with sword. A bomb which can remove beam attacking.
Last update:10.05.05
Annie|Saga Frontier
Annie | Saga Frontier
I don't said she is an original character anymore... This character is base on Saga Frontier - Annie. Shorty hair and similar costume.
Last update:06.11.04
Leviathan | Rockman Zero
Fairy Leviathan | Rockman Zero
X Mas girl picture. The head phone is base on Leviathan's helmet. X Mas costume should be in Red color. The artwork would look liked drawing a common cosplayer...
Last update:23.12.04
Original Anime Art
Original Characters
Those original characters are created when I study at Primary school... I remake it at 2004.
Last update:02.11.04
Cordelia | Saga Frontier 2
Cordelia | Saga Frontier 2
Initial Painter drawing practice... I like William's side more than Gusta (Cause of Cordelia...Cordelia is very cute).
Last update:02.11.04